Welcome to Divers’ Paradise!

Port Vila, the capital city of Vanuatu, has prospered in large part due to it’s incredible location on a harbour within a bay. This amazing stroke of geographical luck, which through the centuries has attracted indigenous inhabitants, whalers, colonists and modern-day yachties, can mean only one thing for your next dive holiday: a plethora of pristine dive sites that will bring you the thrill of wildlife encounters, the majesty of tropical marine environments and the mystery of sunken wrecks!

With twice-daily dives in and around Port Vila and Mele Bay, you will not be lost for somewhere new and exciting to dive while you are in Vanuatu.

There are wreck dives, reef dives, exciting deep dives, amazing night dives, and everything in between – you will be spoiled for choice! We are even occasionally privileged enough for a dugong or two to join us on our dives!

We have three dive boats, knowledgeable dive guides and a huge range of dive sites. Big Blue will help you enjoy safe, exciting, interesting dives while you are visiting Port Vila. We also have refreshments on board for you to enjoy during your surface interval.

No hidden fees. All prices include taxes, credit card charges, tourism tax etc…

Book a dive

All dive trips include tanks and weights, qualified dive guides and refreshments.

Please note: To book a dive you have to be a certified diver. If you are not a certified diver you will have to either take a course or do a Discover Scuba Dive (DSD) with us to be able to experience the underwater beauty of Vanuatu. Explore our courses or try dives here.


Including Gear Hire

Single Dive        Vt11,000

Double dive     Vt20,000

3-dive Pack       Vt30,000

4-Dive Pack      Vt39,500

6-Dive Pack      Vt55,000

8-Dive Pack      Vt69,500

10-Dive Pack   Vt81,000

Using your own gear

Single Dive        Vt9,500

Double dive     Vt17,000

3-dive Pack       Vt25,500

4-Dive Pack      Vt33,500

6-Dive Pack      Vt44,000

8-Dive Pack      Vt57,500

10-Dive Pack   Vt66,000

All dive packs are per diver and not transferable.

All dive packs must be used within 90 days.


Tanks and weights included in all prices.

Gear Hire is charged if diver needs BCD and / or a regulator. Gear hire also includes fins, mask and wetsuit. Shearwater dive computers and torches can be hired separately.

Light refreshments at surface interval

Night Dives

Nights dives on Thursdays.

Night dives can be included in dive packs for no extra charge when a multi-dive pack is purchased.

Our cancellation and refund policy can be found here